Dora Maar Planter

13999 kr

Fascinating Floriculture.

The perfect spot for surreal shrubbery. Our Dora Maar Planter is inspired by our iconic Muse collection, but handcrafted from aerated cement. A chic and modern take on an industrial material and fabrication. Each piece is hand-cast and sanded by artisans for a monumental addition to your home garden.

  • 26″ (tum) Diameter, 31″ (tum) Höjd


  • WARNING: This planter should not be outside in below freezing temperatures
  • Please note that cement planters used outdoors will develop a patina after a few seasons of use
  • To clean, fill a clean bucket with water with 2-3 tablespoons of a mild, biodegradable dish detergent, wet a scrubbing brush in the detergent solution, and scrub the inside of the pot
  • To sanitize, mix a solution of household bleach and water in a clean spray bottle (ratio: 3 cups of bleach per 1 gallon of water) and spray the entire interior area of the concrete planter
  • Cleaning and sanitizing planters between uses prevents diseases from spreading plant to plant
  • Let the planter dry completely before planting new plants
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