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Skåp Talitha Armoire

62199 kr

Crafted from nickel-plated metal with hand-stamped patterns applied to Minimalist and Modernist forms. The surface is reminiscent of silver leaf—it emits that same lustrous glow—but is wonderfully durable.

Our Talitha Armoire is jewelry for your home. An organic modern starburst pattern is capped with door pulls featuring a luminous, hand-cut abalone shell mosaic (due to the natural material, color may vary). Fitted with three drawers and two adjustable shelves, it’s a must for closet-challenged dwellings. A tip from Jonathan: if you have a lot of low and loungey pieces, play with scale and add this grand gesture to the mix.

Dimension: 101.6 cm W, 50.8 cm D, 183 cm H

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